Saturday, October 12, 2013


Homophobia is a scourge of society that snakes since childhood.
The education given to children also includes hatered, intolerance and disrespect. If a person was raised in a family full of serenity and love, that person won't go around to make fun of gay people, to harass them or to disfigure their dignity. A fifteen-year-old boy was buried alive just because he was gay. What did he do wrong?

I don't understand what's wrong with being gay. So what if I love a woman instead of a man? Why are some of you so angry, so offended? What did we take from your shitty life? What did we do to hurt or offend you? You get offended just because two girls or two boys hold hands while walking down the street, or they kiss or simply laugh together. You watch us with hatered and disgust, but you have no one who loves you. How much do we weigh on your lives? Less than zero. We weigh nothing on your lives. The absolute nothingness. You go live your miserable life and let us be happy.

The joy of living will never make you notice the „diversity”, isn't it? Your mind and heart will always be busy thinking about tomorrow. About your job, your family, love. There's no time for gay people.
You don't notice, but gay people walk down the street just like you, they pass you by in public transports, they dance next to you in clubs, they drink something at the bar you go with your friends, they smile at you when you're in a shop paying for that something you bought.
Gay people grow up just like you. But some of them didn't make it, they didn't become an adult. A boy commits suicide because he's gay, because he is ignored and ridiculed by his classmates, because he does not know how to tell his parents he is gay because he thinks they wouldn't accept it. A boy commits suicide and so do many others. Blame it on homophobia.
All of you know that. You read it in the newspaper or on the web, you hear it on the news. They talk about one today, tomorrow another one and everything will be forgoten the next day. Everyone forgets, but we don't. We don't forget about the harassment, the ignorance and we hide. We hide because we don't trust none of you. But how could we anyway? It's 2013 and people still laugh about gay people. People still find it outrageous for a man to dress like a woman. They still question theirselves if the girl with short hair and no make up is a lesbian. But let me tell you that the way a girl decides to look doesn't define her sexual orientation. Oh and mothers; mothers are still afraid that their child will confess their real sexual orientation. There might not be an end to this. 

Everyday I ask myself „why?” Why do they think it's wrong being gay? Why is it unacceptable? 
No one ever came with a concrete answer.

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